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Overview and Specifications:

Product standard: lamp head + CHARGER + large and small straps + headband + 6 battery packs + wamper box
Waterproof grade: IPX-6
Head Line Length: 0.8m
Range: 250 m
Power input: 7-12V
Product light source: 7 T6 beads
Duration: 2.5 hours (highlight)
Electricity display: green lamp is full of power, red lamp is weak.
Battery Wire Length: 0.8m
Battery parameters: 8.4V, built-in dual MOS protection IC, anti-overcharge and over-discharge
Battery capacity: 6*1300 mAh = 7800 mAh, six in three series and two in parallel
Charging parameters: input AC110-240V, output 8.4V/1A, American/European/Australian/British standard optional, universal
Product Grade: High/Low/Flash
Appearance Material: Aviation Aluminum Alloy

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