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Overview and Specifications:

T6 lamp beads, three lights, can be rotated, powerful magnet

Innovative design, three lights, one big and two small, small lights can be rotated 360°

Two color lights: the big light is white light, the two small lights are also white light

4 mode: the middle T6 is bright / the two sides of the light are on / the three lights are all on / the three lights are flashing.

Exquisite aluminum alloy appearance, wear-resistant and non-fading, long enough for daily use.

A powerful magnet that can be attached to a metal surface.

There is a battery indicator at the switch.

White LEDs over 10,000 hours do not need to consider replacing the bulb.

Safe, waterproof, non-slip, waterproof design, suitable for outdoor camping, mountain climbing, cycling, etc.

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