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Overview and Specifications:

The high quality 1 x T6 + 2xCOB LED chip is the same bright spotlight.
4 Gear Dimming: Main lamp, CREE XM-L T6. Sidelamp, 2xCOB(1 Gear: 1xT6
Bright)(2 Gear: 2xCOB Bright)(3 Gear: 3 Light And Strong Light)(4 Gear: 3
Light Flash)
T6 LED can adjust the focus.
The headlights can be adjusted about 90 degrees.
Durable aluminum alloy shell, wear-resistant.
The battery seat with the charging interface is more convenient to charge.
And the adjustable elastic headband is convenient to wear on or off.
The red indicator on the battery seat plays a good warning role in walking or riding bicycles at night.
It is suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts to do some outdoor
activities, such as hunting, bicycling, mountaineering, camping, etc.
Product specifications:
LED type: 1xCREE XM-L T6 + 2COB
Material: Aluminum alloy
Power: 2 x 18650 (Excluding)

Switch type: single button (open, shut, and mode selection)

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