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Overview and Specifications:



-Comfortable soft rubber grip, thicker tip, in line with ergonomic design,

-Can be used directly or 90 degrees angle,

-Compass on the handle,

-Saw teeth on one side of the blade.

Easy to carry: Ultra-light, ultra-compact tool, foldable twice. A handbag can be used to hang on a belt or backpack. Folding can be easily packed for camping or beach trips or garden trips.

Survival tools: Trenching shovel is another name for folding shovel, because its sharp blades make it suitable for digging camping trends and collecting water from camping. Folding camping shovels can also be used to remove rocks, flatten tents and dig holes in tent piles. The folding shovel can also be used to make a fire pit.

Remove ice and soil: These tools also make mini snow shovels for digging tires, snow pools or dust if the car is stuck. It includes a pickup tool that helps break ice or remove rocks.

Durable: Made of strong steel and forged steel, it can be used to peel off lightweight branches.


-Made of heavy carbon steel, durable.

-Ultra-light, compact folding shovel can be easily installed in the car’s small space.

-The ergonomic handle optimizes comfort and control so that the shovel fits all glove types to reduce hand fatigue.

-A handbag with a ring is convenient for storage and use.

-If the car is stuck, it is equipped with hoses to dig out dirty tires.

-Sawtooth blade is designed on one side of threaded shovel, which can be detached from lightweight branches.

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