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Overview and Specifications:


-With mature Bluetooth 4.2 technology, the signal transmission rate is stable, and it is not dropped.

-Appearance has a patented design, ergonomic requirements, exquisite and chic, comfortable and ear-wearing, long-wearing and painless. The earphone and the battery are detachable and rotatable, and the left and right ears can be easily switched according to preferences and habits.

-Support calls, music, one to two, voice prompts, voice report, pick up calls, reject calls, red code redial, Chinese and English switching and other functions.

-Long standby time is up to 120H, support for calling/listening to music 7H.

-Adopt IPX67 level anti-sweat and waterproof design, suitable for various application scenarios.


Color:As shown

Bluetooth version:V4.2

Music time:About 7 hours

Call time:About 7.5 hours

Charging time:1-2 hours

Bluetooth distance:About 10 meters or so

Compatible device:Bluetooth devices such as millet, Samsung, Apple, Huawei, oppo, vivo, Lenovo, tablet, etc. (fully compatible, only Bluetooth can be connected)

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