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Overview and Specifications:

1. This product adopts 6-axis gyroscope technology, which can fly indoors and outdoors, and is strong against wind,
2. The aircraft adopts 2.4G frequency, the remote control distance is long, and the operation is sensitive, which can realize multi-person simultaneous operation without mutual interference,
3. This product can realize the general four-way function (up, down, left turn, right turn function, forward, backward, left and right functions) through the remote control, and also increases the throwing function and the trick roll function. Meet the different levels of operators, especially low speed, medium speed, high speed, third gear mode.
4. When the consumer has fine-tuned the fine-tuning, one click to restore the fine-tuning. 5. The product adds “headless mode”, that is, where the aircraft incompetent machine points, it is subject to the operator\’s operating direction. 6. The product has added “one button return” function
7. With WiFi real-time backhaul function WIFI camera tilt adjustment
8. The mobile phone simulates the joystick to control the aircraft, and the mobile phone gravity sensor controls the aircraft function. Mobile phone to store video, play back anytime, anywhere

9. Optical flow visual positioning Gesture photographing Gesture video Humanoid follow Dual camera Lens switch 4 kinds of images (normal front lens, lower lens, picture-in-picture split screen) Palm control Track flight Rotating lens Headless mode MV editing

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