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Overview and Specifications:


Anaerobic pure copper, 2 (16*0.12) red and
white main core wires, double shielding (aluminum foil +128 copper mesh), ultra-flexible
PVC elastic jacket,

Very light, fireproof, waterproof,
mothproof, mildew-proof, crack-proof,

It has good elasticity, toughness and electrical
conductivity, strong durability, no cracking, no deformation, no falling apart.

OD: 6.0mm

Scope of Application:

1: mixer, power amplifier, guitar, effector,
equalizer, limiter, frequency divider, digital decoder, etc.

2: For connection between professional
microphones and cameras and other equipment,

3. Stage audio, press conferences, KTV,
professional sound amplifiers, stage lights, lantern, home cinema and other

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