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Overview and Specifications:


-Value: Yeelight wireless charging night light combined with
night light and mobile phone fast wireless charging, while supporting mobile
phone fast wireless charging, that is, fully charged, eliminating the need for
manual operation, the independent magnetic night light on the other side
provides you with warm light .

-Smart wireless charging speed, compatible with a variety of
fast charging devices: Yeelight wireless charging night light, using imported
chipset, using wireless fast charging technology, intelligent compatibility,
making mobile phone charging more convenient

-Fast, safe and stable wireless charging design: Unlimited
Yoelight charging night light, motherboard safety design, overload protection
and current and voltage regulation design to ensure cargo safety, automatic
identification of metal materials in keys, scissors, etc., automatic closing of
foreign objects To avoid security risks

-Light warm yellow, give the night a warm guardian, use 2700 K
warm white, comfortable and warm light color

-Minimalist design, bring you stress-free company,appearance adopts simple design style,which is harmonious with other furniture as delicate ornament.

Compatible models:

Support for fast charging (requires fast charge adapter):

Apple 7.5W· Samsung 10W

iPhone 8 S6 / S6dege

iPhone 8P S6edget +

iPhone X Note5

iPhone XS S7 / S7edge

iPhone XS MAX S8 /S8 +

iPhone XR S9 / S9 +


Support normal charging:

Xiaomi Huawei



Product Name: Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light

color: White

Shape: 225*80*43.5mm

Material: plastic (ABS + PC)

Input: 5 V- 2A / 9 V -2A

Output: 5 V – 5 W max / 9 V -10 W max.

Color temperature: 2700k/5000K

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