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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Non-woven Fabrics
Power : 50W & Under
Heat Preservation Duration : 10-14 Hours
Application : One Seat
Specification : 11
Width : 11
Length : 11
Origin : CN(Origin)
Plug Type : EU

1. The electric blanket uses PTC feedback
intelligent temperature control technology to adjust the power in real time to
keep the bed temperature constant at the preset level. The specially set
three-level temperature can meet the heating needs of people with different
body temperatures.

2. It will automatically shut down after the
heating time reaches 12 hours to avoid forgetting to shut down or discomfort
caused by long-term heating.

3. The heating wire is tightly wrapped by
various fabrics of the upper 4 layers and the lower 3 layers, forming a
composite heat conduction zone inside the blanket body, distributing heat
evenly, and realizing uniform heating at a comprehensive constant temperature.

4. The surface layer of the electric blanket
is made of soft, breathable and delicate fabric, which has a soft and soft
texture and doubled comfort.

5. The edge of the blanket body is firmly
bonded and has high-quality sealing. Even washing with water will not change
the insulation and wrinkle resistance.

6. The flexible design that the carpet body
and the power supply can be separated can avoid the hidden danger of
electricity leakage caused by the power supply entering water during cleaning,
and make the cleaning of the carpet body more convenient.


Single size: 150*80cm

Double size: 170*150cm

Power: 60W single, 100W double

Working voltage: 21V DC

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