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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Control Channels : 2 Channels
Features : Flashing
Max Speed : 11
Model Number : 11
Scale : 1
Gyro : 11
State of Assembly : Almost Ready
Origin : CN(Origin)

1. Two type smart switches, different styles, multiple choices. Xiaomi Mijia smart switch has two different buttons, single billing control and double billing control, which can be selected according to the actual use scene and operating habits at home.

2. Smart speaker voice control, one sentence to switch lights. Save time and effort, support the voice control of XiaoAi.
3. Supports Mijia APP control, turn on/off the lights on your mobile phone. Bluetooth connect to Mijia APP, control the switch on your phone*. In the winter, you can turn on/off the lights with a single tap of your mobile phone in the bed, saving you the trouble of getting out of bed.
4. Multi-device willful linkage, support OTA upgrade. Connecting to the Bluetooth mesh gateway can be linked to other smart devices in the home. For example, it can be used with the Xiaomi smart door lock to achieve the effect of turning on the light when your open the door at night; with the Xiaomi human sensor, it can achieve the effect of lighting on when people coming. At the same time, it also has OTA capability, making your smart switch smarter and smarter.
5. 80,000 times repeated compression tests. Safe and reliable. Pass the professional durability test, can withstand 80,000 repeated presses*. Durable and proven strength.
6. V0 fire retardant, daily use, peace of mind for the whole family. The shell is made of V0 fireproof material, flame retardant and high temperature resistant, and it can easily deal with abnormal situations encountered during use.
7. Minimalist appearance, elegant and beautiful. The pure white design instantly blends into the surrounding environment of the wall. The surface of the buttons adopts a mirror surface treatment process, which adds a bit of agility between simplicity, adding a bright spot to the home life.
8. Wide application range, no need to re-wiring, can directly replace traditional switches. It is suitable for most lamps on the market and can control energy-saving lamps with a minimum of 3W*. The installation is simple, which saves money and effort.

Brand: Xiaomi Mijia

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