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Overview and Specifications:


1 intelligence
Multi-sensor, layout, path planning, automatic charging, connection cleaning
2 strong
Brushless DC motor, main brush, side brush, 10 m edge cleaning
3 considerations
Elegant appearance, 5200mAh lithium-ion battery, extended USB socket, App remote control

Intelligent path planning
Mi Robot Vacuum is a highly intelligent household cleaning device with 12 different sensors. Three processors track their motion in real time and use the Simultaneous Positioning and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm to calculate data to map out your home and determine the best cleaning path
1LDS sensor
2 multi-sensor
3 three processors
4SLAM algorithm

Laser Distance Sensor (LDS)
The Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) allows the robot to scan 360 degrees around it, 1800 times per second, to draw the interior of the house.
15x 360\\’/ s scan
21800 times / second measurement
3 maximum measurement range 6m4
Measurement error {C}

High sensitivity and high precision sensor system
Mi Robot Vocuum uses its 12 sensors – including ultrasonic radar sensors, cliff sensors, gyroscopes and accelerometers – to map the interior of your home.
1 laser distance sensor (LDS)
2 wall sensor
3 trash can sensor
4 collision sensor
5 ultrasonic radar sensor
6 electronic compass
7 cliff sensor
8 gyroscope accelerometer
9 drop sensor
10 speedometer
11 fan speed sensor

Product size: 345mm*345mm*96
Dimensions: 230mm*109mm*129mm
Battery: 14.4V/5200mAh lithium battery
Rated power: 55W
Product weight: about 3.8kg
Rated input: 100-240V
Wireless connection: WiFi smart quick connect
Rated output: 20V-2.2A
Rated voltage: 14.4V
Rated frequency: 50/60HZ
Rated power: 55W

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