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Overview and Specifications:

1 Xiaomi Mijia mosquito repellent, powered by two alkaline
batteries of No. 5, no need to connect the plug, no trouble with wire mess, free
to place anytime, anywhere,

2 No heating design, the principle is battery-driven fan,
volatile mosquito repellent film, emitting the nuisance of mosquitoes, to
achieve mosquito repellent purposes,

3 Minimalist design, easy to operate, palm press and
counterclockwise rotation, you can open the top cover, easy to replace mosquito
coils and batteries,

4 Contains a mosquito coil and two batteries, which can be
used out of the box, the battery can work for 30-45 days according to the use of
8 hours per day, the mosquito repellent can be used for about 90 days, meet the
needs of a summer,

5 One-button timed mode, long press the power on key to
automatically enter the 10-hour timed mode, which can effectively avoid the
waste caused by forgetting to close,

Product: Mijia mosquito repellent

Model: DWX02ZM

Material: ABS

color: White

Rated voltage: 3V

Rated power: 0.03W

Product net weight: 133g

Product size: 98.3*98.3*58.4mm

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