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Overview and Specifications:


Brand: Xiaomi

Product name: MiaoMaioCe temperature and humidity meter

Model: MHO-C201

Temperature range: 0℃-+60℃

Humidity range: 0~100%

Weight: 36g

Size: 64.5×64.5×9.7mm

Baterry: CR2032 button cell

Xiaomi MiaoMiaoCe E-Link INK Screen Digital Moisture Meter High-Precision Thermometer Temperature Humidity Sensor


this just can work in 0 °- 60 ° Temperature

this for healthy life, not be used as meter.


– E-ink electronic ink screen is the first used in the world, high visibility of the full perspective,clearly visible.

– Sensitive to the change of temperature and humidity, family’s health can be taken of well.

– 3 kinds of flexible placement including vertical base, seamless wall stickers, soft magnets for a variety of scenarios,
– 6 kinds of expressions are easy for you to understand the comfort.

– A free range switch between centigrade and Fahrenheit has wider scope of application, 3D surface display panel, thin and round.

– A button battery life of up to one year, durable and durable.With three kinds of display: vertical base, seamless wall stickers, soft magnets. Suitable for baby room, bedroom, desk, flower room, kitchen, bathroom and other scenes.

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