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Overview and Specifications:


Product: Xiaomi A5 Notebook

Inner page material: 80g Daolin paper

Cover material:Filled paper

Color:Black,Gray,Light Blue

Number of pages: 64 sheets

Weight: about 195g

Size: about 14.5*10*1.4cm


The notebook is preferably 80g Daolin paper,which has a smooth touch and brings a smooth writing experience.

-It has uniform absorption of ink and is not easy to smudge.The exquisite rounded design of the page protects the corners from damage and deformation, and is beautiful and natural.

The page turning is smooth and firm, and it is not easy to drop pages. The 180° flat or even 360° folds can be easily and comfortably made,making reading and writing more comfortable.

-Each page header is printed with the month,date and week,can be freely circled, efficient planning, flexible space layout.

Made of high-quality material,the texture is delicate, wear-resistant,lightweight body,convenient to carry anywhere,portable to use,very practical for daily life.

The three colors correspond to three different inner page formats: horizontal line, square and dot matrix, which meet the needs of different scenes and different groups of people.

The line spacing ratio is suitable for Chinese writing. The classic horizontal line format makes the writing regular,and you can see it at a glance.

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