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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Non-woven Fabrics
Power : 50W & Under
Heat Preservation Duration : 10-14 Hours
Application : One Seat
Specification : 11
Width : 11
Length : 11
Origin : CN(Origin)
Plug Type : US

1. Three specially set temperature modes (Mode
1: 32℃,
Mode 2: 36.5℃,
Mode 3: 44℃).

2. After turning on the machine, it can rise
to 35-37℃
after 20 minutes at room temperature.

3. 7-layer composite structure, uniform

4. After the running time reaches 12 hours, it
will automatically shut down to prevent discomfort caused by long-term heating.

5. Delicate fabric, skin-friendly touch,
soothing body and mind.

6. 21V ultra-low voltage, lower than the
safety voltage of human body, eliminates the hidden danger of electric shock
from the source.

7. Direct current, no radiation, babies and pregnant
women can use it at ease.

8. Can be remotely controlled via Mihome APP.

9. Separate power supply is the core
technology for product safety.


Single size :150 * 80 cm

Double size :170 x 150 cm

Product power: 60W single, 100W dual

Working voltage :21V DC

Product catalog: electric blanket, power supply, controller

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