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Overview and Specifications:


Product Name: Heated Eyelash Curler

Material: ABS

Size: 14.1 x 1.8cm

Voltage: 1.5V DC

Battery: 1 x AAA battery(not included)


In Korean salon, makeup artists use heated Q-tip to achieve a more natural eyelash look for their customers.

But now, you can achieve the same result by using this electric eyelash curler, which is safer and provides longer staying power.


Heat-insulated teeth on the brush to prevent burns, safe to use

Featuring heat-field teeth, it allows you to curve your lash without direct touch between the eyelid and the hot wires.

Achieve fast and long-lasting result without pinching or pulling your eyelids

With this heated eyelash curler, you get a natural and long-lasting eyelash look by gently applying it on your lashes, causing no pinching or pulling your eyelids as the traditional clamp-style curler does.

Portable mini design, convenient to carry

The pen-style eyelash curler is small and compact enough to pack into your makeup bag. Cordless and battery-powered designs allow you to use it anywhere.

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