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Overview and Specifications:

Product material: EPP+ engineering plastics

1 According to the scale of the Airbus A380, the high degree of
authenticity, the patented rudder surface operation structure, the market has
few three-channel design.

2 EPP material, very resistant to impact, flying weight of
about 70g.

3 After pushing the dual-engine power, the positive and
negative propellers cancel each other out of the anti-torque force, and the
route lock is more stable.

4 Built-in six-axis gyroscope flight auto-stable system, easy
for beginners to master.

5 Remote control sizing function, small rudder is suitable for
beginners to fly, large rudder status continues to pull up and down the rocker,
the aircraft can do the tumbling movement.

6 USB dedicated charger, can charge 2 sets of batteries at a

7 The aircraft is fully assembled, the water transfer stickers
are all completed, and they are ready to fly.

8 Flight is extremely stable, and it is easy for beginners to

Flight time: about 7-8 minutes, charging time: about 30
minutes, remote control distance (m): remote control control distance is more
than 200 meters, number of drive motors: hollow cup motor 0720 *2, battery
details: LI-POLY 3.7V ( 300MAH) 20C Charger, Details: Dedicated USB 1S

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