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Overview and Specifications:

1: Full-featured product: Phase-interlaced oscillating motion planning (using a trigonometric function to generate a random array of motions), ultrasonic follow-up and obstacle avoidance, random music dance movements, LED expression matrix, dance, story, science knowledge, Chinese poetry, Mobile APP programming, dual mode control (mobile + infrared) current protection (manpowered when the machine is turned on, the machine will protect)

2: Use time: limit 60min normal 90min (limit: just use the loudest to dance and sing, normal: normal volume operation)

Charging time: 90 minutes Remote control distance: within 5 meters

3: Product accessories: Smart robot*1 Charging cable*1 Remote control*1 Manual*1 Tote bag*1

4: Product features: phase staggered oscillating motion planning, ultrasonic follow-up and obstacles, random music dance movements, mobile APP programming.

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