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Overview and Specifications:

1. Working mode: wireless digital remote control, do not interfere with each other, ultra long distance obstacle remote control

2. Receiver operating voltage: DC 3V DC

3. Power: ≦ 2W

4. Working frequency: 315MHZ

5. Remote control / receiving distance ≧ 120m (open area)

6. Power mode: 3V 2AA battery

7. Transmitter operating frequency: 315MHZ

8. Transmitter operating voltage: 12V (battery model: 23A 12V)

9. Transmitter operating current ≦ 15mA (calculated 20 times a day, a high quality battery can be used for one year)

10. LED indicator: press the launch button, the LED of the transmitter is on, the transmitter works, and the receiver receives the command, and also sends a good music to remind you that there is a VIP visit, and the “Blu-ray” on the receiver. LEDs are also accompanied by regular flashing of music

11. Audio source: 38 audio sources are available for selection. The external touch button “Up”/Down is used. The audio source includes: European, American, Asian and other world famous songs. 10 Arabic songs)

12. Volume adjustment: Hi (high), Med (medium), Lo (low) three volume can be selected, through the external switch (or button) operation is completed

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