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Overview and Specifications:

1) This Pro handle is compatible with the Switch host and also
supports Windows computers and Android devices.

2) No need to load any driver, the handle can be used after
connecting with the Switch host.

3) Wireless Bluetooth V3.0 connection, strong anti-interference
ability, stable connection signal and easy control.

4) Built-in 380 mAh polymer lithium battery, can be used for 5
hours after being fully charged.

5) This handle supports the gyroscope axis function and
supports dual motor and double vibration functions.

6) Up to 4 wireless controllers can be connected to the host at
the same time.

7) In the case of charging the handle, the game can also be
played normally.

8) Ergonomic design and lightweight handle construction make
the player feel comfortable.

9) This handle can be upgraded by connecting the computer with
the update software.

1) Connect to the Switch host via Bluetooth:

A. Connect the handle to the host for the first time: Open the
Switch host. In the main menu interface of the host, touch the controllers →
Change Grip/order with your finger to enter the host pairing mode interface
Press L + R on the controller, ignore L + R, On the handle, press and hold the
“Y” + “HOME” key combination for 5 seconds to open the handle and enter the
pairing mode. The four LEDs on the handle start to flash rapidly. When one LED
is long, the handle is successfully paired with the host. Press “B” to return to
the main menu interface.

B. Connect the handle to the host again: Press and hold the
HOME button for 2 seconds to open the handle, and the handle is automatically
connected to the host.

C. Wake-up handle: When the handle is in sleep state, short
press the HOME button to wake up the handle, and the handle is automatically
connected back to the host.

2) Connect the Switch host via the USB cable:

Connect the handle to the Switch host with the USB cable, and
the LED4 on the handle flashes slowly. On the main menu page of the Switch,
click Settings → Controllers and Sensors → Pro Controller wired communication →
ON to open the Pro handle wired communication function of the Switch host. ,
LED1 on the handle after the machine is slowly flashing.

3) Connect the Windows computer via the USB cable:

First, you need to download the Xboc360 driver to the Windows
computer, then connect the handle to the computer with the USB cable. The four
LEDs on the handle flash slowly. After the driver is automatically installed,
the LED1 and LED4 on the handle flash slowly, and the handle can be used.
Support for Xboc360 mode games.

Note: In the Xboc360 mode with wired connection, there is
vibration function and no axis function.

4) Connect Android devices via Bluetooth:

When the handle is off, press and hold the “A” + “HOME” key
combination for 2 seconds to turn on the machine, and the connected indicator
LED1 flashes quickly. At the same time, open the Bluetooth of an Android device,
and click “Bluetooth” to search for the Bluetooth device. In the “Available
Devices” list, find and click “Gamepad” to pair. After the pairing is
successful, LED1 is always on, and the handle enters Android mode. .

Remarks: No vibration function, no axis function in Android

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