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Overview and Specifications:

Compatible with the switch host without downloading any drivers, the handle is paired with the host, and supports the PC pc mode. Convenient, simple and fast. Adopt wireless Bluetooth communication connection, strong anti-interference ability, free control, stable connection signal
1. Provide the cross direction keys: up, down, left, right, and direction keys.

2. Control keys * 4, A, B, Y, X keys. Clear black and white function button design, finger touch operation is more sensitive and fast.

3. Menu button: Home button, SELECT button, START+ button, with VIB screen button function.

4. Two left and right joysticks: a novel 3d design rocker, 360-degree operation.

5. Function keys * 4: LB, RB, LT, RT new trigger drink button switch design, to achieve a better grip.

6. Wireless connection, distance 8m, built-in battery, rechargeable

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