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Overview and Specifications:


Hisilicon solution, stable use, not stuck, not easy to drop,

APP: HD minicam is easy to use and easy to use,
Wifi hotspot connection, link use,
Cloud storage function, available to those in need,
IP mobile phone remote, after setting, you can use the external network to monitor your home/shop
Mobile phone monitoring, clearly understand the picture and sound of the video
Maximum support 128G, 8-128G TF card can be used, it is recommended to use C10 card speed memory card
480P-1080P HD for you to choose from
Dual-mode power supply, including 510mah lithium battery, can be plugged in or used in battery mode, the battery can be continuously recorded for nearly 2 hours
Non-light night vision, automatic identification environment, 7 infrared lamp beads, to ensure night vision effect
The hotspot straight line can be up to 25 meters,
Motion detection level 1-7.
Strong magnetic attraction,
Can be carried out, used only as a video recorder,
In the no-card state, you can take screenshots and videos of your mobile phone and save them on your mobile phone.
Video automatic loop
Remote playback
Internal process heat treatment, safer work and more stable use,


Shell material: PC + ABS + spray rubber paint

Battery material: 902020*2 Seiko protection board, pure cobalt high temperature
Battery capacity: 510ma, about 2-2.5 hours full, continuous recording for nearly 115 minutes
7 φ3 infrared lamps, no light at night, H62 lens
140 degree wide angle

Lens: 2 outermost glasses, two plastic inside
SENSOR: 1/4 inch crystal image H62
Diagonal: 140° horizontal
Focal length: 2.3mm
Code stream:
1080P 1Mbps,
720P 512Mbps, (about 13.5-14.2MB for one minute, 20MB for daytime changes, 10MB for night)
640P 256Mbps, (about 6.6-7MB in one minute, 10MB in daytime picture change, 5MB in night)
480P 128Mbps (about 3.3-3.5MB in one minute, 5MB in daytime picture change, 2.5MB in night)

Language support:
Android (11 types): English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Western, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
iOS (9 types): English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Western, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)

Infrared illumination distance of 5 meters (infrared light 940 nm wavelength), 7 infrared light angle 45 °
WIFI distance: straight line without obstruction measured 25 meters. (When the mobile phone and the device are connected point-to-point, 1080P resolution, when the signal exceeds 30 meters, the signal starts to be not full). It is better than the measured 10-12 meters of the same type of product, especially when penetrating the load-bearing wall)
PCB: 4 layers, plate thickness 1.0MM, immersion gold process
The main chip temperature is about 75°
Cooling method:
A local structure heat dissipation: the first 7 infrared light holes + photosensitive holes and cooling holes. There are also vents on the back of the product.
B built-in high-efficiency thermal silica gel and 0.8mm thick aluminum film sprayed carbon nano-layer heat sink. In addition, a heat insulation sheet is added between the battery and the heat sink.

Does not support RTMP, supports RTSP

The charging indicator is controlled by the IC and is not controlled by the program.

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