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Overview and Specifications:

Through the slow lighting and extinction of the phantom lamp, the machine guides the user to adjust the breathing rhythm to the breathing cycle and breathing frequency suitable for sleeping, helping the user to quickly enter the sleep state, and the training of the phantom lamp breathing adjustment can let the user relax the nerve and relax the pressure. For some people with symptoms of insomnia, there is a certain relief effect.

In addition to the breathing adjustment guidance function, the unit can also play back the “decompression music” such as “white noise” and “bonfire”. White noise can effectively block the colored noise that affects sleep, create a sound environment that is good for sleep, and promote sleep. Improve sleep quality.

This machine can simultaneously activate the “Phantom Light Breathing Adjustment” and “White Noise Help Sleep” modes (sound and light sleep mode), and can also activate any single mode. Users can set their own help according to their personal preferences. Sleep mode

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