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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Plastic
Model Number : SNJ1109
Origin : CN(Origin)

1. Small and exquisite, embellish the bathroom;
2. The remaining amount of paper towels can be clearly seen;
3. The plug-in type seamless snap-in, avoiding the key and snap-breaking situation, and opening the cover more easily and labor saving.
4. The large-space tissue storehouse can hold various specifications of roll paper.
5. The honeycomb non-slip design prevents the items from slipping off, freeing your hands, and being considerate and convenient.
6. Transparent without traces, invisibly integrated into the wall, non-destructive appearance.
7. The load-bearing capacity can reach 5KG, strong and stable, not afraid of humid environment.
8 Sharp serrated mouth, one tear and one break, easy and simple.
9. No nails, no drills, strong adhesion.
10. Install and use, not afraid of dampness.
11. Small and light, does not take up too much space.

Name:Multi-function roll paper holder

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