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Overview and Specifications:

1: Moisturizing, moisturizing, light and moisturizing texture,
nourishing and moisturizing lips with nourishing ingredients, so that the back
tastes rain, cool and refreshing, lips are tender and radiant.

2: The color is brilliant and the color is rich and tender, and
the light of the glamour is soft and soft, and the color is beautiful. The bag
is used to look at the lips and show the dazzling brilliance.

3: Small, lightweight, compact and lightweight paste, evenly
easy to apply a small paste, so that the lipstick is delicate and breathable
when in contact with the skin, evenly applied to the lips.

Product Name: Lipstick Set

Specification: 3.8g*5

Product features: moisturizing, lightening lip lines,
long-lasting coloring

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