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Overview and Specifications:

A portable tooth cleaner is an automatic tooth cleaner that
does not require an external power connection. It uses less water and has a high
impact force, which can quickly clean the food residue in the gap of the teeth.
Product features: The product is small in size, easy to use, safe, and portable,
without damaging the gums. Suitable for adults and children.

Ordinary toothbrushes clean the teeth, the toothbrush can’t be
brushed deep into the teeth, and the innermost wisdom tooth can’t be brushed.
The portable tooth cleaner can thoroughly clean the mouth.

Name: 75ML portable tooth cleaner

Size: 3.5*3.5*25CM

Product model: JT-LV160

Material composition: ABS

Material: abs pp

Capacity: 75ML Weight: 100g

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