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Overview and Specifications:

The first step: Install the capture card driver
Note: Please be sure to access the USB card. After the system found the hardware. Click Cancel. .
Then install the program. . After installation, remember to restart the computer. , Otherwise prone to poor installation problem.
The random CD-ROM into the computer drive, the system automatically disc content:
Install Driver ————— Install the driver
Install Video Studio ———– Install video software
Install Driectx 9
Browse CD ——————- Browse the disc contents
Choose the first one: Install the driver. Note: The customer also installs the DRIVER and SETUP packages in the optional CD-ROM.
After installation, connect the USB card on the computer interface, the computer will automatically find the program installed on the computer for a period of time.
Note: When connecting to the AV receiver cable, you must connect the video cable to the video cable, the audio cable to the audio cable, and the wired camera. Capture card yellow is the video input. Red and white are audio inputs.
Select the second: video software installation, follow the prompts to enter the surface of the disc printed on the number of letters plus the serial number (the serial number is the only) is not inside the disc file. On the disc surface
Features Features:
Standard USB2.0 interface, the latest technology USB AUDIO, stereo input and output, the input interface with AV and S-terminal, you can watch on your desktop or laptop TV, VCR, VCD, DVD, video cameras and other equipment output video images

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