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Overview and Specifications:


Model: XN-8030
Input voltage: DC5V
Rated current: 500mA
Power: 0.7W
Size: 180*40*39mm

Color:Pink, White

Weight: 155g

Battery capacity: 1000mA
Charging time: about 1.5 hours

Charging mode: available power charging, charging treasure charging
Four functions, rejuvenating new muscles:

1: strong, skin pore cleaner is clear and clean

2: Net, blackhead dirt is refreshing, see the effect

3: Tight, lifting the skin to tighten the pores and fine lines to make the skin young and transparent

4: tender, cleaned and polished keratin dead skin for smooth skin

1.This portable microdermabrasion beauty machine comes with 4 interchangeable tips, with 4 different functions.
It\’s the first beauty machine which integrates with skin peeling, face tightening, pore cleaning, blackhead and ance pulling up, wrinkle removal in the market.
2.Suction bigger than traditional comedo suction probe
3.Different suction head, different function
4.Plug-in Use by USB cable, easy and convenient

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