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Overview and Specifications:


1: Nano-spray technology Nano-spray technology, which blocks the pollution of bacteria to the air, keeps pure and moist for a long time, and keeps humidification in a healthy state.

2: USB interface uses a variety of power supply methods, fast and convenient.

3: Convenient and light, high value, mini portable, small size can enjoy good time at any time

Function button operation steps:

Spray: Click the function button to default to continuous spray, 4 hours. Switch to the interval spray with two clicks, spray for 5 seconds for 5 seconds, and time for 8 hours. Click again to turn off the spray.

Product Name: Colorful humidifier
Material: ABS / PP / silicone / electronic components

Water tank capacity: 300ML
Product size: 70*70*150mm
Product packaging: 72*72*151mm

Single net weight / gross weight: 150g / 220g

Style / color: iron gray, black, rose gold

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