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Overview and Specifications:

1: detachable intimate small base handheld / desktop everywhere to enjoy

2: The base of the mobile phone stand, while watching the mobile phone while blowing

3: Built-in rechargeable battery + USB dual power supply for 3-15 hours

Product Description Suggestions (Chinese)
[product name]: hand-held fan
[product color]: powder, blue, white, black
[product materials]: ABS
[product size]: 105*207*42mm
[product weight]: 170g (including battery weight)
[output power]: 4.5-5W
[Input Voltage / Current]: DC 5V /0.8A(max)
[Motor speed]: 3200-5200 rev / min
[Motor gear position]: 1 gear 3200 rpm-3 gear 5200 rpm

[Usage]: Battery storage, USB power supply

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