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Overview and Specifications:


Output Interface: USB

Quality Certification: FCC, CE, CCC

Compatible Brand: Universal

Plug Standard: UK, EU, US, AU


In a world where more and more devices need
to be powered or charged via USB, having a device that gives you more ports
with less plugs is a welcome sight. Our USB charging station is well made and
premium, wide in compatibility, which can be used to charge iPads, iPhones, Xbox
controller, USB powered lamp and so on at the same time without any issues.


10 Fast Charging Ports for charging 10
phones, tablets, or a combination of both simultaneously,

Make Your Life More Convenient: By charging
mobile phones, tablets, etc. through a single multi-port USB charger station to
greatly reduce the numbers of USB wall charging adapters required, freeing up
outlets in your home and office and making the jumble of cables much more

Automatic Detection of Charging Current:
The product has the function of automatic detection of charging current of
digital products, protecting your mp3, mp4, IPDA, DV, mobile phone, digital
camera and other equipment.

Power Switch: The USB charging station
comes with a special power switch to turn off the input high-voltage power
supply without pulling out the plug from the socket.

Excellent Heat Dissipation – The premium
radiator provides excellent heat dissipation thus ensure long-term stability
and reliability of the multi-port USB charger,

Worldwide Safety – 100V-240V input for use
across the world, safety protections prevent your device from overcharging,
overheating, or short-circuiting,

Excellent Performance – Well designed and
built, high quality, stable and reliable in performance, handy enough to sit on
a desk without taking up too much room,

Great for Travelling: The product is
absolutely an excellent charger for your holidays, you can take this instead of
all your individual chargers when travelling abroad to save on weight and to
save space.

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