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Overview and Specifications:


Interface: USB/3.5mm

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.1EDR

Power supply mode: USB power supply

Output mode: 3.5mm audio interface

Receiving distance: not less than 10m

Standard accessories: 3.5mm audio cable

Product size: 55*20*10mm


Speaker Bluetooth receiver is a high
cost-effective Bluetooth stereo receiver, which supports digital products with
Bluetooth function such as for iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phone and computer,
and realizes stereo wireless transmission.


Wired to Wireless: It can be paired with
Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, iPad and Bluetooth-enabled computer to realize
wireless speaker.

Wide Compatibility: Makes any stereo a Bluetooth sound system, compatible
with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones, tablets, mp3 players,
hi-fi systems, laptops,

Instructions For Use:

1. Connect with Speaker:

Mode 1 (for speakers without USB
interface): Plug the Bluetooth receiver into a charger with 5V USB interface,
and connect the AUX ports of the receiver and the speaker with the audio cable.

Mode 2 (for speakers with USB interface): Plug
the Bluetooth receiver directly into the USB interface of the speaker, and then
connect the AUX port of the receiver and the speaker with the audio cable.

2. Pairing:

(1) Access the Bluetooth function of the
mobile phone/computer, search the surrounding Bluetooth equipment, connect the
device named BT-163 in the search result, and the pairing password is 0000.
After successful pairing, the flash of the indicator on the Bluetooth receiver
slows down!

(2) Select Bluetooth Playing Mode in the
submenu when playing the mobile phone music, and the wonderful music sound will
come through the speaker!

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