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Overview and Specifications:


(1) Air convection, whole house circulation, double-range
adjustable, quiet and silent,

(2) High and low power adjustment, small size, suitable for
office, home, and car,

(3) touch control, short touch switch / shift file,

(4) Safety, highlighting the sense of high technology,

(5) Four-color selection, the surface of the special hand
processing process is full of grades

The operation adopts full touch screen control board, which is
high-end fashion and convenient to operate,

Basic parameters:

Name: Double Leaf Turbo Fan

Model: FCSY-380

Line length: 1m

Input voltage: 5V

Power supply mode: USB computer interface / USB socket
interface / mobile power

Fan: second gear adjustable noise strong wind 50 / weak
wind 30

Color: white, black, gold black, silver white

Color box size (CM): 19.5*16*14.2

Each weight (including packaging): 299g, weight per box:

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