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Overview and Specifications:


1 “S1 desktop stand” height of 168mm, can adapt to the needs of most children and adults desktop tablet and mobile phone lift, stable anti-skid, angle adjustable, easy to carry.

2 High stability chassis weight design, tablet computer is always in the center of the chassis, greatly improving the stability of the use of the flat,

3 The universal phone stand can support tanlet and mobile phones below 10 inches,

4 the adjustable angle of the chuck is 10 ~ 35 ┬░, , bracket body ABS, silica gel, support rod aluminum alloy, base iron, aluminum alloy, ABS design, beautiful and convenient to use.

5 Compared with some aluminum alloy brackets that have been raised in height in the market, the stability of the use is greatly improved due to the structural design of the base centering.

(The picture shows that the bracket will shift in the center of gravity when adjusting the angle, which may cause the mobile phone to fall. ). At the same time, the special coating on the bottom makes the bottom friction just right, so you can easily move on the desktop without taking the phone, and you don’t move freely when you touch the screen. (The picture shows that the bottom of the bracket generally uses a silicone sheet to increase the friction. Because the friction is too large, it is easy to cause the mobile phone to shake off when moving on the desktop, which leads to the need for the mobile consumer to remove the mobile phone.)

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