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Overview and Specifications:

1: Built-in lithium battery for a long-lasting battery life Fully charged and humidified for continuous use, the fan and humidification can be used continuously for about 2n. Can be used outdoors continuously, or can be charged outdoor portable

2: 300ml large capacity for the whole night to humidify farewell to the cumbersome frequent water addition, humidification throughout the night without stopping, always Hurun.

3: Power-off protection anti-dry burning built-in anti-dry probe, waterless automatic power off anti-dry double protection, safe and reliable!

Product Description Suggestion (Chinese) Product Name: Space Ball Humidifier
Product model: YCTA-H077
Material: ABS/PP/silica gel
Product size: 116*116*112mm
Product packaging: 116*116*115mm
Single net weight / gross weight: 255g
Style / color: white, pink

Input voltage: 3.7V

Working current: 200mA-300mA
Charging current: 1A
Battery capacity: 2000mA (18650)
USB current output: 1A
Water bottle capacity: 300ml
Power consumption: 2W
Use time: 2-7 hours
Spray amount: 30ml-40ml/h
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Product standard: one humidifier, one sponge stick, one data line, one in both Chinese and English

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