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Overview and Specifications:

Main features:
5 function buttons: one manual button LIGHT and four touch buttons MODE, UP/MEAT=▲/M, DOWN/TASTE=▼/T, STOP/START/ALERT=S/S/, the transmitter is 2 touches Button °C/°F and LIGHT/
Press the LIGHT button on the main unit to select On/Off. This shutdown function only turns off the display to stop all work, enters the low-power sleep state, and the timing function is paused. Press and hold the LIGHT button to turn it on without power-off. The interface and settings, if you press and hold the LIGHT button after power-off, the system initial interface and default settings are displayed.
Four-digit time display mode, “:” to flash
Temperature display format selection (°C/°F), the lock point selects the power-on default format °C, except for the time mode and setting mode, long press the ▼/T key to switch the temperature unit in other modes.
ALERT alarm function, the orange light flashes at the same time as the alarm.
5-digit timing and countdown function, the maximum range of timing: 9H59M59S.
Probe 1 and probe 2 are food-specific probes, all of which can be selected from 8 foods.
Timing and BBQ for dual-task operation
Temperature detection accuracy: 0 ° C ~ 250 ° C
433.92MHz RF wireless reception, receiving distance is 25-30 meters
Backlight function, any button lights up blue backlight for 10 seconds
Magnet: The main unit and the transmitter have magnets and legs on the back, and the main unit has a shackle.

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