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Overview and Specifications:

This is a complete set of handheld KTV Speaker + Microphone = TOSING Karaoke Microphone


Product brand: TOSING

Product Model:008

Pickup: Capacitive

Bluetooth version: version 4.2

Charging power supply: DC5V

Output power: 3W*2 (left and right speakers)


True stereo, your voice sounds better

Use true twin speakers to achieve true stereo

High fidelity skull

Optimize vocals, High sensitive pickup, filter noise, No plosive sound, no whistling sound.

Professional DSP chip

Sound mixing effect superposition processing, Make the sound and accompaniment more balanced and layered.

Bluetooth 4.2 stable connection

Compatible with most Bluetooth devices, Improve transmission distance and stability.

One-click elimination of original singing

One-click switching, original singing and accompaniment at any time

Charge for two hours and sing 100 songs

Built-in large-capacity battery, get rid of singing troubles, easy to carry

TF card playback with accompaniment

Insert a stored TF card after booting and play music automatically. Accompanied by the show will make you more handy

Supports most APPs and devices

It does not distinguish between brand and model, and it can be used with Bluetooth function. It is compatible with most live APP and singing APP on the market, and is compatible with a wide range of products.

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