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Overview and Specifications:


Product material: ABS + silicone
New second-generation telescopic pole mobile phone bracket, silicone suction cup / ultra-stable, multi-angle, distance independent control, simple, stylish, generous, practical, easy to install)


  • Personality design: no sight, safe driving, mobile navigation, universal
  • Product material * Quality: natural environmental protection ABS plastic
  • Applicable equipment: 3.5-6 inch (50mm-90mm) mobile navigation device and other equipment
  • Fixed parts: windshield, instrument panel, desktop, etc.
  • Product features: 360° rotating bracket, universal silicone suction cup, telescopic rod design, distance adjustment.
  • Internal environmental protection silicone protection, high-end atmosphere, safe and reliable.
  • Do not block the line of sight, do not take up space.The base adopts double-sided touch design, and the contact surface is wide, which effectively prevents the mobile phone from shaking when driving.

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