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Overview and Specifications:

1.XHP50 lamp beads with high brightness up to 3800 lumens and a
service life of 100,000 hours,

2. Convex lens piece: Cone lenticular lens sheet, good light
transmission performance, not easy to damage, solid aluminum attack head
protection lens is not subject to wear,

3. Rotate the zoom: the left and right rotating head can be
zoomed, astigmatism-concentrated mode, convenient to use in different

4. Tail switch: high quality natural rubber material, anti-slip
treatment, tact switch switching lighting

5. Battery contact: copper-plated cylindrical battery contact
design, copper has good electrical conductivity, effectively preventing contact

[product model]: P53

[Light Bead Model]: XHP-50

[Lens material]: optical convex mirror

[Working gear position]: 5 files (strong, medium, weak,
flashing, slow flashing)

[product size]: 19.5X4.2X2.6cm length after zooming

[Applicable battery]: 18650*2 (without battery)

[Flow Brightness]: 3800 lumens

[product material]: aluminum alloy

[Working voltage]: 7.4V

[Light source]: warm white light

[product color]: black

[Can you directly charge]: No

[Do you focus?]: Telescopic focusing

[product net amount]: 196g

[Package weight]: 228g

[Package weight]: about 350g

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