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Overview and Specifications:


Product Model: CT1 focusing lights
Exposure distance: 300-500 M
Light source type: T6
Product Size: Extending 125mm, shortening 115mm, head diameter 31mm, tail diameter 23mm
Dimming mode: five dimming: strong light, medium light, weak light, flash, SOS
Type of lens: Frog lens
Zoom function: telescopic focusing
Operating voltage: 3.7 V
Tube color: black
Luminescent color: white light
Light bead temperature: 7500K
Material: Aluminum alloy
Surface treatment: wear-resistant anodizing
Switching type: tail pressing switch
Water proof level: IP X5(rain proof, splash proof)
Power supply: Single section 18650(not included)


Bicycle taillights are made of high hardness plastic, waterproof rubber ring and electronic originals.
The rear part of the taillight is a clip that can be clipped to objects such as bicycles or backpacks, suitable for diameters of 25-28MM.
Features: waterproof, anti-vibration taillights, unique high-gloss lighting design, 5 high-brightness LED lights, 7 variable light modes. Quick disassembly design, safety warning effect is very ideal, suitable for friends who often ride at night.

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