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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Name : SP5106
Item Length : 9.8
Item Width : 6.1
Item Height : 19.9
Item Weight : 0.303
Item Diameter : 5
Material Type : IP66
Special Features : Ultra-small panel size (60% smaller than traditional panels), easy to install; almost no installation depth

Product Name: 6P film panel switch 12-24V universal set
Product model: SP5106
Panel size: 9.1*0.8*7.5cm
Control box size: 16*9.5*3.2cm
Packing size: 9.8*6.1*19.9cm
Product net weight: 303g
Product gross weight: 344g
Product voltage: DC11-30V
Product current: 10A per branch circuit


1. Ultra-small panel size (60% smaller than traditional panels), easy to install, almost no installation depth

2. Easy installation – no installation depth, minimum drilling (13 x 8.5mm)

3. Using a compact, easy-to-access miniature USB cable, the end user can replace any desired length of cable

4. Flexible wiring – control relay box installed 1 meter away from the touch screen

5. IP66 – Strong water jet protection (only for panels)

6. Self-reset fuse indicating each branch of LED / 10A

7. Backlight module, easy to operate in the dark, very low standby current (90% lower than previous models)

8. Programmable momentary button – all buttons can be programmed for instant (ideal horn or wiper application)

Includes a set of various graphic label stickers


Panel | PET film touch screen

Circuit Protection | Built-in Resettable Fuses (PPTC)

Switching rated | 10A per branch

Panel rating | Maximum cumulative amplifier: 35A

Rated voltage | DC 11 – 30V

| IP66 (film panel)

Power terminal | M4 stud size ring terminal

Loading terminal | .250 fast terminal (public)

Installation Notes:

1. Place the provided template on the desired panel position and cut the hole accordingly.
2. From the back of the instrument panel, insert the micro USB plug to the front. Connect the micro USB plug to the socket on the back of the panel.
3. Firmly mount the panel on the dashboard and use a self-adhesive on the back of the dashboard.
4. Install the control box correctly with the included screws.
Plug the other end of the micro USB cable into the control box. Insert the cable into the strain relief hook on the box.
5. Press the DC positive wire (+) with the included round terminal. The wires are passed through the included insulator and connected to the screw terminals. Cover the terminal with an insulator. Press the DC negative line (-) with an insulated 0.250″ female terminal and insert the negative terminal on the control box.
Connect the load terminal to the desired device. The number at the top of the load terminal corresponds to the number on the panel of the membrane contact 1 2 3 shown on the left.

6. (Instantaneous Button Settings) Set a specific button to be momentary (pressed) while pressing the button and backlight button for more than 5 seconds until the button flashes. All buttons can be set to short. To undo this action (change the button to on – off), simply repeat the process again on the same button.

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