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Overview and Specifications:

1: Solar wall lamp design is simple and practical, no need electricity, free wiring, good waterproof performance, sensitive and practical.
The lamp body PC material is firm and firm, and the back of the product is
designed with a waterproof groove. It is not afraid of water in the open
position. This lamp can be installed in balconies, aisles, courtyards, etc. It
is convenient at night.

2: Solar energy is energy-saving without power supply, no need
for wiring, installation is very convenient, the product has a hanging hole, as
long as a screw can be hung in the place where it is needed, as long as it is
placed in the place where the sun is fully illuminated, the person will
automatically emit light at night. The solar panels are designed at the top,
approximately 45 degrees angle, and are more easily exposed to sunlight when
installed on vertical walls.

3: The top bevel design makes it easy for rainwater to flow
down and not to accumulate water. The switch is designed for pinholes and is
internally waterproofed, not afraid of water. The switch can be turned off and
the switch pointer is provided in the box. When you do not need to turn on the
light, you can use the pointer to press the power light to turn it off.




Solar charging, human body sensing, night lighting




Product: 124*96*48mm

Product packaging


Induction parameter

Built-in 1200mAh, 3.7V

Induction parameter

The maximum sensing angle is 120 degrees and the sensing distance is 3 meters.

Packaging accessories

Product *1, box * 1,English manual *1, expansion screw*1

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