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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Battery Capacity : 5000-6999mAh
Compatible Brand : Apple iPhones
Material : ABS

Product highlights:

It is made of grade A lithium ion polymer, and the upgrade model of 5000 milliamperes has large capacity, abundant electricity and long-paying power.

The battery shell is made of durable and environment-friendly polycarbonate, and the surface of the phone shell is treated with skin-like coating, which makes it soft and comfortable.

The product has multiple protective functions, such as overvoltage, overtemperature, overload, overcharge and overdischarge, etc. It is safe to use.

According to the mold opening of the real phone, it fits perfectly with the phone interface and the body, which can effectively protect the body while charging the phone quickly.

Adopt separate design, which can be combined into a back-clamped battery with liquid silicone shell. Separately, it can be used as an independent mobile power source to charge other electronic devices, which is simple and practical to operate.

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