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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : PC
Weight : 0.18KG
Aquatic Decorations Type : Ornaments
Model Number : YY01

1: Aquarium decorations have active movements, moving mast swings, moving lifeboats, and bubbles rising from the holes in the boat.

2: The ship is connected to the air pump, allowing the sport to provide visual appeal and inflate your tank in a unique and fun way. Air pumps, pipes and combination valves are not included.

3: This aquarium is made of safe and durable resin with hand-painted details for safe use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

product information
Name: Simulation Pneumatic Shipwreck
Color: green, gray, light green
material: plastic
Weight: about 0.18KG
Size: about 26* wide 6* high 10.5CM
1. Made of plastic, the material is safe and safe, and can be used as a fish tank and home decorations.

2. Not easy to damage, does not fade in water, does not change color. It has no effect on fish and water quality!

3. Can be placed in a fish tank or home decoration to add more color!

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