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Overview and Specifications:


Cover Material: Aluminium Alloy

Internal Material: ABS Plastic

Slot Material: PVC Plastic

Style: Short

Gender: Unisex

Color: Silver, Blue, Black, Red

Weight: about 80g

Dimensions: 11 x 7.5 x 2 cm


High Quality: The card holder is well made,
sturdy and durable, not easy to break, and it is stunning in color and
distinctive in suitcase shape, fashionable, high-end and elegant, making your
business life more colorful!

Keep Your Cards Tidy: The card holder is
specially designed for cash, business cards, credit cards, identity cards and
any other cards, helping you keep your cards tidy and intact and helping you be
a lot more organized.

6 Expandable Slots: The card holder comes
with 6 expandable slots, which go half way of cards, making it convenient to
insert and remove the cards and allowing you to find every card you want
easily, saving your time greatly.

RFID Blocking: Nowadays, more and more
cards are using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) technology, so
contactless cards are used very commonly. Thieves are taking advantage of this,
using card-reading apps or RFID reader to scan your identity information and
take your funds by secretly when you are in stores, airports, or crowded
streets! This aluminum card holder can perfectly block unwanted RFID scanners,
keeping your cards safe and protecting your card from demagnetization damage,
which is best for travel.

The slots are strong and powerful, which
can hold each card tightly, preventing them from slipping out and losing.

The card holder is small enough to not take up much space in a
bag, and bright in color, easy to find in the depths of your bag,

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