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Overview and Specifications:

1. Clock face high-grade PVC material, high-definition anti-fog glass light transmission performance, clearly visible clock direction,

2. Overlord silent scanning movement, accurate travel time, service life of more than 15 years, silent scanning, pointer uniform speed, no ticking,

3. Simple and fashionable design, environmentally friendly plastic frame, oil-jet wood grain color, not easy to get wet, no fading, quality assurance,

4. Diameter 32.8cm, large number, living room study bedroom is easy to hang,

5. Energy-saving and low-consumption, the power consumption of the Overlord movement is controlled within 160uA, which is more energy-efficient than the brand-name movements on the market. One brand of battery can be used for more than one year,

Product: wall clock

Brand: POWER Overlord

Material: ABS plastic frame

Movement: Overlord scanning movement

Function: silent scan

Size: 32.8*32.8*4.8cm

Color: wood grain

Weight: 1kg

Battery: 1 section 5th battery (not included)

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