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Overview and Specifications:

1. Five-speed tooth cleaning mode, magnetic levitation sonic motor, up to 37000 vibrations per minute / vibration, equipped with two gears of variable frequency vibration, for different oral care needs, to achieve more effective cleaning of tooth dirt, remove plaque effect

2. Long battery life, 30 days of battery life

3. It adopts wireless inductive charging (no metal contact charging method), and has the function of preventing overcharging and automatic power-off, which is safe and convenient. Charging base power supply to USB international

4. The fuselage is treated with 5 layers of nano-coated spray paint, moisture proof and mildew proof, plus cold light laser engraving technology

5. Two minutes of intelligent timing brushing, automatic memory gear function, brushing area conversion, shifting, low battery, have sound prompts

6. Brush head 3D three-color high-density planting, brushing and rounding process, dark blue bristles for fading tips, replacement brush head bristles, high-quality bristles are not only durable, good cleaning effect, bristles and rounds to protect the gums

7. Full-body precision technology to create moisture-proof and waterproof, IPX7 waterproof level certification


1. Charging mode: inductive charging

2. Control mode: push button

3. Power frequency: 37000rpm

3. Applicable people: adults, children

4. Electric toothbrush type: ultrasonic

5. Battery capacity: built-in lithium battery 800mAh

6. Rated voltage: 3.7V

7. Charging time: 12 hours

8. Endurance: 30 days of use

9. Toothbrush handle process: nano coated coating

10. Brush: American DuPont bristles

11. Passed CE FCC ROHS IPX7 certification

Packing list: manual *1, USB inductive charger *1, toothbrush handle *1, toothbrush head *2, brush head protection cover *2, color box *1

Product net weight: 0.1150 KG

Actual weight (standard): 0.3800 KG

Product size: 2.900*2.900*24.800 CM

Packing size: 21.800*8.300*6.500 CM

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