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Overview and Specifications:


1.Securely Protect Your Device – The special quenching process can effectively reduce the impact force and hazard for your phone when the screen protector breaks.

2.99% light transmission – The film has a maximum light transmission of 99%, using an OCA layer that displays the actual colors of the screen and anti-glare.
3.Super scratch resistant with a hardness of 9– The hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale (the hardness of a diamond is 10) effectively prevents sharp objects from scratching.
4.2.5D Arc Edge Treatment: The edge is polished by complicated machine for many times after cutting at high speed, so as to get the perfect 2.5D arc edge, providing a smooth operating feel and preventing the edge glass scratching their hands.
5.Easy installation:The screen protector package give you a free alignment help you to install the film successfully, save you spare screen protector and save your money.

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