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Overview and Specifications:


Material:Aluminum alloy

Input: 12 – 24V

Output: DC 5V 2.4A (dual port)

Interface:Dual USB

Support:2 simultaneous outputs

Operating temperature:0-50 (°C)

Product weight: 15g

Product size: 40*20*20mm

Color: Silver, Red, Blue, Black

Applcation: for digital cameras, MP3, MP4, other AC and USB devices, mobile phones


1. The car charger has two USB outlets, and the right product is selected for charging.
2. Insert the USB car charger plug into the car cigarette lighter
3. Connect the USB A public access to the car’s output, and then connect the corresponding plug to the powered device (such as mobile phone, MP3, camera series, etc.) to supply or charge. If you charge your iPod iphone, you can use the IPOD connector with cable.
4. When the device is fully charged, please pull the car charger out of the car cigarette lighter.

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