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Overview and Specifications:


1. Input: DC12V-32V.

2. Power: 60W.

3. Total output current: 12A.

4. 3 hole QC3.0 output: DC5V/3.1A, DC9V/1.8A, DC12V/1.8A.

5. USB2.0 output: 5V 3.1A.

6. Line length: 1.8 meters


-This model is a car fast charger with a line length of 1.8 meters.

-There are 4 USB ports,which are divided into front and rear charging,which is convenient for use in the front and rear rows of the car.

-It contains 3 QC3.0 interfaces and can charge 5V-12V digital products.

-It can be used in a wide range.The car charger has a back clip that can be fixed in the car.This charger is a must-have for the car.

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